The Benefits of Thermal Water on the Skin

Best Way to Get Rid of Blackheads: Thermal Water Benefits On Skin The characteristics of the thermal water

The thermal water is natural water for treating various diseases, especially those affecting the skin.


The different thermal waters

The thermal water is natural spring water that has therapeutic properties due to the presence of various minerals. The hot water can be used without any treatment. There are several varieties of hot water which, among other things:


– The sulphurous waters,

– The bicarbonate waters

– Chlorinated water,

– Sulfated waters

– Trace-metal waters.


The properties of thermal water depending on its composition

The bicarbonate waters are very effective if used as a beverage. In fact, they act on the antitoxic function of the liver and help the skin to remove impurities. Externally, the bicarbonate thermal waters have an emollient and stripping action and help fight against skin inflammation and acne. In addition, sulfate waters are rich in sulfur, but can also contain other elements such as calcium or magnesium. They can treat eczema, psoriasis … Otherwise; the sulphurous waters are more effective against skin damage and it’s the best way to get rid of blackheads. They also have antipruritic and analgesic action. But this type of thermal water also improves healing and allows for more aesthetic scars. Finally, the metals trace water, due to their low content of minerals, and moisturize the skin well. They are ideal for daily cleaning of the face, as well as for washing babies.


The properties of thermal water in the temperature

The thermal water when it is fresh tones and strengthens the skin because the minerals act directly on the skin. It is particularly effective when used in the bathroom. Otherwise, warm thermal water softens the skin, stimulates and makes it more radiant. Indeed, trace elements and minerals salts in the water diffuse easily through the various layers of the skin. Otherwise, when we use hot thermal water, blood circulation is improved and the skin is better irrigated. It is thus healthier and stronger.



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