The best way to get rid of blackheads is that you must be informed about it, the blackheads are one of the most well known acne, and relate in particular oily skin. Acne is generated by excess secretions accumulated in the sebaceous gland and which then form a plug. It is manifested by the appearance of blackheads or whiteheads (microcysts). The difference between the two is that the black dot is a superficial lesion of the skin where sebum is oxidized retained. The white point is due to the hardening of sebum, trapped beneath the surface of the skin. In both cases, this causes the occurrence of pimples and acne breakouts. It was initially thought that the formation of blackheads result of improper cleaning of the skin, but it has been shown that it is caused by the accumulation of sebum, dirt and dead cells inside pore. The black appearance of the blackhead is due to the combined actions of the oxidation of sebum, melanin (colored pigment cells of the skin) and keratin in the cells of dead skin that clog pores and give this black appearance.

The pores are the openings of the skin where flow sweat and sebum. It is also here that penetrate the active treatments and creams. When they are visible, it is often because they are expanded by the accumulation of dirt and sebum, which can lead to the formation of blackheads and pimples. They are mainly the preserve of oily or combination skin and are most often at the T-zone face (forehead, sides of nose and chin). The skin looks so thick and irregular grain. Certain factors exacerbate the problem, including tobacco and the sun, causing a thickening of the stratum layer and a “rebound effect”, with excessive production of sebum. You can also have black spots on the chest, shoulders and behind the ears. All skin types can be affected by the problem of blackheads oily skin is the most concerned. Blackheads are common during the imbalances of hormones, which occur mainly during puberty. For women, they can appear every month during menstruation. Pregnant women with hormonal changes are more at risk of blackheads.


Blackheads on nose

Take a look. Do you have these black spots embedded in the pores of your nose? If you get a lot of buttons or not, if you have oily skin, then you are likely to have blackheads on the nose and other areas prone to facial oil, the dead cells from the skin, sunscreen, makeup, moisturizers and heavy can also block the natural oil of the skin, clogging pores and creating these imperfections . Exposure to air makes these little balls of black oil. Although it may seem like blackheads are a part of life, there are things you can do to clear your pores. With patience and habits, you can have a smooth, toned nose regularly.

Blackheads on forehead                      Blackheads locations

On the forehead the blackheads are embedded in skin and make as small bumps and it is too troublesome because it shows and it’s not nice at all.

Blackheads on chin

Blackheads on the chin, which become white buttons…sometimes it is light or very showy, depends on the nature of skin, but it’s really not clean. And this must be a beginning of acne.

Blackheads on back

The dots on back come because as well known the back is the fattest area of our body it begin since adolescence,  and may cause a lot of scars because of scrabbling. The same as shoulders and torso it’s also imposed to blackheads.

Blackheads on legs

The blackheads on legs come from shaving and hair removal in different ways especially if you have a dark skin the dots seems very showy .women are often uncomfortable and never dare to wear dresses, skirts or shorts without tights even if you don’t have a lot of hair on the legs but because of this blackheads it thought that’s hair legs.


The explanation of all this kinds of blackheads is almost the same except some small details of each area, and then the treatment will be also the same to every part of the body. Everyone look for an effective solution & for the best way to get rid of blackheads in the long term and does not require too much time to not frustrate them. There are thousand ways and one solution to fight against blackheads. Limit fat that cause the production of “fat” in the skin in the diet helps to prevent. Blackheads are common at puberty, during menstruation and during pregnancy because of the small hormonal imbalances. To remove blackheads, you can use natural remedies, especially since we do not use it for those organic products. The use of products sold in drugstores is also possible.

Whatever method is used,best way to get rid of blackheads returns to unclog the pores of the skin scrub sebum. For this, your best weapons will probably scrub patches that you find on the shelves of supermarkets cosmetics. In addition, you can use a cream to treat sebo-regulating excess sebum. Finally, a good daily hygiene is mandatory to prevent the formation of new blackheads. A healthy skin is to clean with soap is suitable for your skin type, or with a cleansing lotion in the morning and evening. By doing so, you will help the pores to remove excess sebum.

It is always important to moisturize your skin as part of your daily diet. I recommend an oil free moisturizer formulated with natural ingredients. Use a very small amount. Also, do not be afraid to switch to a new product if you feel that your moisturizer is too heavy or can contribute to blemishes.

Aside from daily cleansing, toning, moisturizing, to keep the skin clean, to remove excess oil and prevent the skin from drying out, you need to exfoliate and use a deep cleansing mask if you want really to get rid of those blackheads. Use a facial scrub to remove dead skin cells that can block pores in the oil two to three times a week. Use a deep cleansing mask pores at least once a week. A clay mask is perfect for managing oily skin and blackheads.