The skin is the first appearance, the look. It is also a protection against microbes; it is a real organ which helps to balance the body and the external environment. The skin breathes; it is sensitive to external aggressions and reacts to our general health as well as hormonal balance.

Blackheads on the face are a problem that often becomes boring. Having a soft skin, but with black spots still seems imperfect. The black dots are often on the nose and difficult to get rid of. Many women are even willing to spend a lot of money to get smooth skin without blackheads.

The treatment of blackheads Face Washing

The best way is to get rid of the blackheads causes (excess sebum and dead cells) is by using a suitable gentle cleanser. Avoid products containing alcohol, mineral oil or petroleum-based additives that are too strippers and aggravate the problem more than they improve.

Stripping the skin it removes his natural protective film (natural emollients and secretions produced by the skin), stimulates the sebaceous glands and accelerates the production of sebum, spreading acne. Products containing ingredients and natural oils are less likely to clog pores and are less harmful to the skin.

We use a scrub (peeling) soft daily basis to remove accumulated dead skin cells.

However, most dermatologists recommend using these products twice a week to avoid skin irritation. All these scrubs should be used in a gentle way to avoid rubbing and skin irritating.

We will not squeeze blackheads to eliminate them, as this will cause inflammation and acne breakouts with a strengthening of the lesions and their activity in the deeper layers of the skin. It is strongly recommended to use gentle methods such as cleaning tapes and any product likely to dry. Anyway, the best way to evict them and avoid scarring is to favor long-term care.

Nourishment has relation with blackheads

Sometimes diet can be questioned, particularly in adults. Some foods facilitate blackheads, for reasons due to an allergy or sensitivity to some particular food groups. Many doctors recommend a healthy diet to reduce sebum secretion, improve hydration and facilitate the renewal and consolidation of skin cells.

Blackheads are more common on oily skin, but they can also appear less frequently on dry, normal or combination. Care must be carefully chosen because they are essential in the prevention and cure of blackheads. A healthy diet and proper hydration are the keys to a fresh and clean skin.

A simple sign is to eat a healthy diet everyday without excessive fat intake. The power does indeed unrelated to regulating hormones, but it helps to improve skin health. Fat deli meats engender a peak of sebum, which will then cause the appearance of blackheads. Eat less fatty meats helps fight against blackheads.


To prevent the appearance of blackheads, it is imperative to have good hygiene. For this, it’s preferable to use a specific soap rather than a classic one. This could attack the skin produce more sebum while promoting more the appearance of blackheads. Special soaps are non-comedogenic. Through their action intense cleaning, they regulate excess sebum, blackheads source. After each washing, the use of purifying lotion soap improves the action. The lotion has properties to tighten pores.